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CES 2024: Will AI PCs be the next new favorites?
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AMD is preparing an upgrade to FSR technology to provide video enhancements

With AI enhancement, online 1080p videos can be upscaled to 4K resolution, which reduces artifacts in native videos in addition to improving picture clarity.

AMD unveiled the Radeon RX 7600 XT 16GB graphics card at its CES 2024 event. As part of the presentation, AMD said it is preparing an upgrade to its FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology to provide RTX VSR-like video enhancements to boost the resolution of videos, which will be part of the upcoming Radeon Adrenalin Software, reports Tweaktown offerings.

AMD didn't reveal details such as when it will arrive or which version of the driver. The new technology will reportedly be the first to be deployed in YouTube and VLC, and AMD has also put up a comparison chart to introduce it, showing the upscaling of a 720p video to a 1440p resolution.Tweaktown mentions that there will be a noticeable improvement, though it's hard to tell how the video quality will be improved from just one chart.

AMD is also currently working with VLC to release a special version of its video player for Radeon GPUs, which will have integrated upgrades based on FSR technology, as well as new noise reduction techniques. Since the software will also integrate RTX VSR, users will then be able to directly compare the two technologies. $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$
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