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        $AMC Entertainment (AMC.US)$ give me one good reason it wasn...

        $AMC Entertainment (AMC.US)$ give me one good reason it wasn't fine in the 7's? What difference does this make? is it scare tactics, arbitrage, calls? I just don't get the price action at all.
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        • EasyGravy : could it be the juicy, almost quarter billion loss on the year????? you really don't get it, do you?

        • conscientious Ibex_8OP EasyGravy: yea. i don't get it. because this isn't the chart of a failing business, so I'm not sure what you're saying either.

        • Mindfield : All OG apes know what this is , chill my brother , charts don’t mean 💩, buy the dip 🦍💪💎🙌

        • conscientious Ibex_8OP Mindfield: i wish. I'm so out of money. but I'll sit on it forever. I've already come to terms with never getting this money back.

        • 72919001 EasyGravy: what a bs by gravy again... there r other stocks with strong buy ratings and quess what... the stock prise is falling... so there is only one way for shorts which we all know... they dont give a s...t about the company who they short.... but these scambags will have give up at some point... just hang in there and you'll see

        • EasyGravy 72919001: nah, your money is gone. You're just not smart enough to realize you're stuck in a delusional sunk cost fallacy,  exasperated by a case of dunning kruger syndrome or cult clout seeking.

        • EasyGravy 72919001: I didn't tell anyone to buy or sell anything, not one time, not ever. Numbers don't lie, and it's mathematically impossible for amc to ever pay off their debt and turn profit unless the break ath revenue for the next 148 quarters... They're still losing quarter billion a year....