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$AMC Entertainment (AMC.US)$ bullshit fud assholes .

$AMC Entertainment (AMC.US)$ bullshit fud assholes .
bullshit fud assholes .
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  • MuscMoo : know the trend, where have I heard that before? lol, assholes is right, liars too

  • Biden2024 : So AMC’s earnings report is bullshit? undefined

  • 70638593 Biden2024: no the deliberate negative reporting with no evidence is bullshit because it is specifically designed to discourage investment.

  • ur wifes boyfriend 70638593: it's always the same message from the media.

  • StrykerAce : Anything that you don’t like is “FUD” lol 😝

  • Biden2024 70638593: Negative report with no evidence? Have you looked at AMC’s chart in.. I dunno, the past year? undefined

  • 70638593 Biden2024: Amc chart has nothing to do with earnings and you know it. 60% dark pool trading, and still a positive order imbalance. The stock is manipulated massively.

  • Biden2024 70638593: Wait, what happened to that whole shtick being AMC being 80% retail owned?

    So let’s see see… the price is manipulated even though it’s 80% retail owned because dark pools, short interest data is actually fake, and media is lying about AMC being terrible despite the negative working capital and crippling debt…

  • 70638593 Biden2024: There is no negative working capital. AMC has shown improvement for the last 9 quarters, about to be 10 quarters. we have a billion in capital saved. We have been profitable for the past 2 quarters, about to be 3.

  • Emotionless Biden2024: Think you left out all the Counterfeit fake ass shares the parking the buy orders and all the Fail to delivers. Bro if your gonna leave out the important shit why dont you just go back to licking Kennys sack. for real if your gonna sit here and defend a bunch of theives your one of them too. Wewll your a wanna be one of them. and if you dont think the market is corrupt and manipulated then you really do just need to go on. The day is coming and not only to Amc but most of the tickers are full of counterfeit shares and things are gonna change. You out here spreading the shit you do is like your a trader not a stock trader but a trader to your own people. Unfortunatly im not hurtin for money and have had 2 commas in my bank account for a long time but i have stayed real and the same way i was before i had it. Im not greedy i help out people unlike your role models. But i can say this how do you think its gonna turn out when the hard working people the ones that used to take your lunch money back in the day loose everything they invested due to being robbed and only l;oosing it because of a bunch of greedy criminals think they cant be touched. HaHaHa Tell ya what i got my popcorn and i cant wait to see how that turns out. Just like a stock can reverse so can peoples lives and i feel for you spoon fed fuckers i really do but you all deserve whats coming.hahahahahahaha I wouldnt have chose that profile name for nothing i would have chose im a big piece of shit over that citadel shit hahahaha.Good luck to ya i hope they are paying you good and i hope you make some good trades today i know i have and when you got money you cant lose when you know what your doing 100k to 500k in half a day keeps the less fortunate with a Bed to Lay.