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$Alibaba (BABA.US)$ Not looking good.  Green day for HSI, no...

$Alibaba (BABA.US)$ Not looking good.  Green day for HSI, no real bounce, not even a little one for BABA, even with the small uplift from US ADR side overnight session. If you follow momentum for your stock trade and investments, BABA's momentum is a huge down spiral. Look at Wuxi, huge down but got a bounce next day... BABA down 7 sessions and possible 8th today.
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  • Btan : Keep it down. Gathering funds to buy up more

  • RightTimeOP Btan: Can buy in for sure, when it has reached the low when buyers feel it is right to enter. One of the main problem is political risk... which will always exist as long as Mr Ma is shareholder and XJP is in power. You know how Chinese people can value face over logic and common sense.

    One may even question if Mr. Ma selling so much shares is a reason to distance himself for BABA to shake off further issues with Emperor XJP...

  • 油条 : You shld feel happy to have opportunity to invest when down rather than up?

  • RightTimeOP 油条: Problem is you buy now, it goes lower and doesn't recover for a long time.. you have opportunity cost investing somewhere else.

  • kctrader : easy to manipulate and keep a lower  hk share price due to low liquidity. accumulates ADRs at same time.easy money for smart ass

  • 71306996 : If you are in A shares, 10 times PE is a junk fraud company