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$AgEagle Aerial Systems (UAVS.US)$ It just really sucks that...

$AgEagle Aerial Systems (UAVS.US)$ It just really sucks that the first buy of the day I get killed and loose everything I earned this week. I know it's easy to say should have got out but you wait a minute when going down and with a slow drop you can say I'm out but when it dumps so fast you get stuck and it sucks ass
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  • 151364853 : You invested so much. For pre market, hundreds bucks is enough

  • I love meOP : 500 but again it's the worst when it dumps right after you buy... I mean I refresh my screen a couple times and still going up ...why not just go down in that last refresh then I hold off but 1 sec after I buy I come back on moomoo and it's already dumped 35 cents so you look wait a few sec and it dumps again 40 cents and now you at a point you don't want to sell and take a loss.

  • UnDueDiligence : Take it for what it's worth. A strategy on your part would really help limit losses. The house always wins when you gamble. Try trading bounces only and stay away from initial spikes. Using the slow RSI indicator tool could help your situation also. Just an opinion after reading a Ton of your posts on many different stocks. We've all been there so don't take losses so personal. Just grow yourself from failures...