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$African Agriculture (AAGR.US)$ waste

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  • J L 7 2 : Not only is AAGR a waste, moomoo isn't that good, damn it. What I want is to sell more than a thousand shares at once, and even dare to waste more than a dollar when I sell one share, damn it's only 0.316, and it costs more than a dollar to waste, and I still have to discount the loss of money to die, moomoo, please, what I want is if I have sold them all and don't have the skills to help me sell them all at once, why don't you sell one share at a time so profitable? Please think differently 😡😡😡

  • 被边缘的人OP J L 7 2: That's right, it's been really funny before too 😡😡

  • J L 7 2 被边缘的人OP: From losing over $5 until now, I can't see a way out, so I endured the pain and sold it and didn't help me, even if they sharpened my sword, they wanted me to go to hell as soon as possible 😥

  • 被边缘的人OP J L 7 2: It's really exciting that you can't sell it all at once; you have to sell one share at a time and charge a handling fee 😡😡 I feel your feelings