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        Checking in on my Brazil investments;
        diversified steel/energy
        diversified miner
        more steel
        looking good. looking strong.
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        • humorous Squirrel_48 : How about Tesla? Is it a buy now?

        • iamiamOP humorous Squirrel_48: personally, I'm not touching it. not because I don't think it won't go up. I just don't like the market right now. I think the markets are in a topping pattern, and I want to see where we pull back to after this next pop-up.

        • humorous Squirrel_48 iamiamOP: Someone told me Tesla will finally go to 260 with this year end rally (especially Santa rally). Technically it is a head shoulder reversal pointed to a 260 rebound target with a key resistance at 252. Today’s retreat is a good buy opportunity. But I’m not sure. So I asked for your opinion.

        • SpyderCall : so what is the reason iron ore is rocketing up like it has been doing?
          Was it the stimulus china has been putting into the property sector? I see that a lot of people think infrastructure in China is about to be on the rise?

        • iamiamOP SpyderCall: it could be. Infrastructure is very popular to rebuild economies. so is war. iron ore is used in mass in both scenarios. in a recession, the use goes down, (substitution and invention go up for the cheap meatals now. watch silver and platinum, iron, and nickel to outpace other metals. also, on the energy side, look to coal and NatGas to be beneficiaries.  uranium is a pure shortage squeeze) but the spending goes up. this creates squeezes on commodities.  they have been underdivested in for 50 years. now every country wants to onshore production. that has a cost. the world is changing, and no matter what the charts say now. commodities will squeeze hard in the coming years. ha, sorry for the book 😆

        • SpyderCall iamiamOP: All good. I appreciate the insight. I totally forgot about how war's cause huge demand for industrial metals. Especially when it comes to rebuilding. It totally slipped my mind.

        • iamiamOP humorous Squirrel_48: Tesla has a good chart, but as I said I'm hesitant on the market overall. I would just hold a tight stop loss around 227 or 228.

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