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Their is some big names still holding the stock.
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  • Sanjayji : I think it should open good

  • Bot Slayer :

  • 71289923 : Maybe everything will be good . God is great

  • Shanesas78 OP 71289923: God is great!!!

  • Smokey707 : We just got to wait till it open i and see what happens next i know if you had a sell date than stick with it we all still have to keep in mind there is still a lot of big in IBKR so it will probably go right back up i know im holding what i have

  • gucci3x : Not to be negative but this is just showing that shares are leaving institutions and going right into retail traders IBKR citi futu don’t actually own the shares they are holding the shares for people like us buying through their platforms so all this chart shows us is institutions are offloading millions of shares to retail traders like you and I (the ones who will be left holding the bag) of this orchestrated scam.  Look I really hope to god it’s not a scam but too many coincidences here, makes it very fishy.

  • Sanju gucci3x: This may be true but there are also lots of investors holding this stocks like bank of China etc. and what about the official statement company gave to Hong Kong stock exchange about acquisition? So may be acquisition is happening. The frustration is the company is not issuing any further information regarding trading halt or status of the acquisition. My theory is all the scammers caught off guard with this one and didn’t expect this was coming in last 3 min of trading on Aug 16. I am almost certain that their chunk is also stuck like us. Just a thought.

  • edpgreece : Where did you get that info?  Citibank? If that is legit then this is very good news

  • wooper : you got mail