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        $Global X NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF(QYLD.US)$ this seems i...

        $Global X NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF(QYLD.US)$ this seems interesting and possibly promising to invest in. though there doesn't seem to be many recent comments about the company.
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        • Ultratechman : it's good don't worry pretty safe

        • chriseyOP Ultratechman: alright thank you. I was curious if people were still investing in the company, but I've also been curious how people like it so far. I just started investing in them recently, I'm still trying to gather more information about them qyld at the same time investing in the company.

        • Ultratechman chriseyOP: it's not really a's a buy write strategy they're doing covered calls on the nasdaq's a dividend ticker...tltw and svol are similar

        • chriseyOP Ultratechman: with it being a dividend ticker does that make it a good investment? I've done some research and it seems like a good investment, but is it worth long term investments? I'm still trying to learn more about qyld and would like to learn more about other experience with qyld if it was good or if it's not worth investing long term into.

        • SKTWFC : Are the dividends regularly paid

        • JonSnow SKTWFC: Monthly

        • JonSnow SKTWFC: Monthly, sometimes as dividend, sometimes as return of capital.