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Words isn’t enough!!

$Mullen Automotive(MULN.US)$ we all have that thought that these vams that are coming off the production line could be the vans he sent from the ELMs factory. as long as he puts them on the line at tunica plant and changed some decals, then technically speaking, he isnt lying. so im my opinion, investors need to see it to believe it. so David needs to post a video of the vans actually being on the line from raw material to consider it being production. david has gave us all many reasons to not believe his words. so action needs to take place. he videoed the elms factory not long ago, so why not take a video of the biggest accomplishment that you have achieved in the past 10 years?
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  • M1ke1229 : There's news they will show them rolling of the lines.

  • Biff M1ke1229: 😆

  • Bubs1617OP M1ke1229: David doesn’t read his investors well at all. Lol he has gave us to many false promises for us to believe words. He needs to release proof, he needs to do an interview with someone that is not just some YouTuber that David can control. If david truly has production then he should be running with this news because it’s the biggest achievement he has ever had. That’s why I’m stuck into thinking he is just trying to deceive our thoughts