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        1H2023 Review of SGX Star Performers ✨

        I’m journaling my SGX star performers below for the 1H2023 trades. Save for Keppel Corp, I traded 5 over 6 of them 😎 PeacePeace

        Hope the information is helpful for your reference as well. These stuffs are pretty much textbook turned reality
        1H2023 Review of SGX Star Performers ✨
        1H2023 Review of SGX Star Performers ✨
        1H2023 Review of SGX Star Performers ✨
        1H2023 Review of SGX Star Performers ✨
        1H2023 Review of SGX Star Performers ✨
        $YZJ Shipbldg SGD(BS6.SG)$ - 1st natural reaction now, opportunity coming Cool GuyCool Guy
        1H2023 Review of SGX Star Performers ✨
        Key points:
        1. Stocks breakout of well formed bases (volatility contraction pattern/VCP, cup with handle/CwH etc) with constructive volume price action, typically we do not have to wait too long for respectable gains
        2. After a successful breakout, quite often we will see 1–3 times pullbacks (these are natural reactions coming out of base) which provide good entry opportunity to pyramid up position
        3. Correct buy point - usually at tight pivot with stop loss smaller than a single digit, preferably within 5%
        4. Must sell into strength either in partial/full position once the desired R (risk/reward ratio) is achieved CleaverLeek May hold some for larger gain using MA line as backstop
        5. Topping signs - look out for: largest volume and price bar down days, breakdown MA 10/20/50 lines, increased volatility ⛔️⛔️. Avoid over-extended stock unless you are craving for more stress !
        6. Always trade with a stop loss 🛑 within 8% at correct pivot buy point, preferably smaller than 4% should the trade go into wrong direction
        What's next? …look for similar setups in 2H2023 to quickly compound capital in shortest possible duration. We only have to find a few trades like these in a year to 2x our $$, that’s magic of COMPOUNDING
        (P/s: If you have traded SGX stocks during this period but not one of the above, then there is a problem with your stock selection method. If you hold the above stocks but do not make money, then there is a problem with the right entry and exit points - so lets learn the right knowledge together to ride the momentum stocks)
        Recommended read: All books by Mark Minervini (please ensure you re-read them a few times until they appear in your dreams too 🤣🤣)
        Please like Thumbs Up, subscribe and turn on notification 😂😂 … so that we do not miss-out 2H2023 opportunities ❤️ ❤️
        Happy trading & Good lucks ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
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