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Hey God, this be the Devils playground get lost haha😛

$Top Financial Group(TOP.US)$ like Moneybaggyo says “run it up run it run it up”
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  • _Joker_ : Hey! Welcome to the Battleground! haha

    The stock was just opened back up after they suspended it due to his earlier Manipulations. I had been reporting him to Moomoo and the SEC and someone from Commissioner Caroline A Crenshaw's office if it wasn't her on the phone called me to get the details of my report, then not a day later the suspension occurred.

  • FiReBiTriXiEOP _Joker_: 🚨🚔👮‍♀️😂

  • _Joker_ FiReBiTriXiEOP: I exist to Serve the Integrity of the Market. I plan to take it a step further and make a Career out of it since some of these cases result in huge rewards for even small bits of info that lead to arrests.

  • FiReBiTriXiEOP _Joker_: Hey that’s great good luck in your reach for success in that! We need more people watching and protecting our investments way to go!!❤️🔥🦅

  • mzZephyr _Joker_: 👏👏👏 i lost a lot due to a sudden sharp decline earlier this month. that’s when i realized how heavily manipulated this stock is… it’s crazy!!! i need to recover my loss… 😭

  • _Joker_ mzZephyr: Sorry for your temporary loss, though think of it as an Investment in the Future of the Company and try to bring the Cost per Share down so you can recover from a High Buy-in on stocks like this and others that you may purchase at the wrong times. Its better than taking a loss when hundreds or thousands of dollars are on the line. I have money in some smart and some risky areas, mostly just to monitor the activity while feeding myself and paying rent. undefined

One word of advice to achieve success in the market. “Patience” Don’t chase it, let it come to you. #diamondhand