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Earnings Season Preview: 23Q3
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BABA March Quarter Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the closing price!

● An equal share of 1,000 points: For mooers who correctly guess BABA's (US Market) closing price range on 18 May ET by 2:30 PM, May 18 ET. (e.g., If 50 mooers make a correct guess, each of them will get 20 points.)

● Exclusive 300 points: For the writer of the top post on analyzing BABA's earnings preview as an inspiration reward.
*The selection is based on post quality, originality, and user engagement.
BABA March Quarter Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the closing price!
Note: 1. Rewards will be distributed within 5-7 working days after the result's announcement.          
          2. Rewards can be used to exchange gifts at the Rewards Club (moomoo app >> Me >> Redeem Points).

Book the Live Earnings Conference:
BABA Q1 2023 earnings conference call

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