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        Things Only Haters Say About Tesla

        This article is about what Tesla's hater usually said about the company. If someone kept posting negative articles about Tesla, he is most likely a hater.
        I'm not saying Tesla is faultless and the reports are untrue. As retail investors, we need to have a balanced view about a company. Negative bias reports, which usually sells and are popular, can trigger emotional trading.
        10 Things Only Haters Say About Tesla
        1. Tesla’s Poor Build Quality

        2. Autopilot Is Causing Accidents
        Tesla has responded to these concerns by updating its Autopilot software and improving safety features. The company has also emphasized the importance of driver responsibility and the need to remain alert and attentive while using Autopilot.

        3. Battery Replacement Is Expensive

        4. Teslas Hate Cold Weather

        5. Limited Choice When Buying A Tesla

        6. Waiting Times At Superchargers
        With the growing popularity of Tesla vehicles, the supercharger network has become an essential feature of owners' day-to-day activities, they provide a fast and convenient method of charging, beneficial for long-distance commutes.

        7. Hardware Can't Keep Up With Software

        8. Teslas Are Over-Priced
        ...the cost is justified due to the advanced technology and environmental friendliness of the vehicles. The company's commitment to renewable energy and lowering carbon emissions is admirable, and its vehicles are undeniably innovative and cutting-edge.
        Recently this has changed due to the Tesla's price cutting marketing strategy.

        9. Tires Don’t Last Long, And You Don’t Have An Spare

        10. They Hate The Founder, Elon Musk
        Elon Musk has generated a lot of buzz in recent years, both positive and negative. While many admire Musk's innovative approach to sustainable transportation and renewable energy, others have been critical of his sometimes-controversial behavior and statements.

        For details, you can read the article here:
        10 Things Only Haters Say About Tesla
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