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commented on a stock03/19 06:39

Ultimate Experience inspired by Fighter Jets 🐎

$Ford Motor(F.US)$ has introduced a sleek and powerful design to this seventh-generation Mustang which is a true statement on the road. It seems this 2024 Ford Mustang is more than just the exterior and components, the vehicle offers a compelling new interior inspired by Fighter Jet Pilots. That's right! Spend up to $51,515 on a 5.0L Coyote V8 engine and you'll take flight.
Be prepared as this new interior is astonishing! Ford has the most immersive experience inside the Mustang with an SYNC-4 infotainment system, Ford Co-Pilot360 driver-assist technology, 12.4 customizable digital cluster which uses surreal 3D video game technology as one of the most noticeable features, and when you think it doesn't get any better underneath the hood is 480 horsepower accompanied by 420 lb-ft of torque. There's more! Do include the MagneRide suspension and Brembo brakes.
This Mustang should deliver a thrilling driver experience where the road never ends! That is at least until you run out of gas. ⛽
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