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Wildfire Prevention? Another bank shut down
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A list of companies with deposits in SVB

Carter West joined discussion · Mar 13, 2023 05:17
Based on comprehensive media reports, I compiled a list of some institutions with deposits in the bank for your reference. $SVB Financial(SIVB.US)$
ROKU: 26% cash, $487 million in Silicon Valley Bank. $Roku Inc(ROKU.US)$
BLOCKFI: According to a bankruptcy filing, BlockFi has $227 million in "unprotected" funds at Silicon Valley Bank, possibly in violation of U.S. bankruptcy law.
RBLX: Roblox says 5% of its $3 billion cash and securities balance is held by SVB. DNA - Gingko Bioworks: As of December 31, 2022, only the cash balance of the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Zymergen Inc. was held in deposit accounts at SVB, representing approximately $74 million or 6% of the company's cash and cash equivalents. $Roblox(RBLX.US)$
RKLB: RocketLab USA has about $38 million in accounts at the bank, or about 7.9 percent of the startup's cash and equivalents. $Rocket Lab(RKLB.US)$
LC: Lending Club warned that SVB could lose $21 million in deposits, saying the amount was not material to its liquidity position or capital level and did not pose a risk to the group's business or operations. $LendingClub(LC.US)$
PAYO: As of December 31, 2022, Payoneer's total cash balance is approximately $6.4B, of which less than $20M is deposited in SVB $Payoneer Global(PAYO.US)$
PTGX: Protagonist Therapeutics believes its exposure to any liquidity issues with SVB is limited, as SVB held approximately $13 million in cash as of March 9, 2023. $Protagonist Therapeutics(PTGX.US)$
ACHR: Archer Aviation signed a $20m loan with SVB in 2021, of which $10m will be repaid to COHU in 2023 - Cohu announces that its deposit account balance with SVB is approximately $12.3m, representing approximately total company cash and investments 3.8%. $Archer Aviation(ACHR.US)$
IGMS: IMG Biosciences: 'As of March 10, 2023, the company holds deposits with SVB of less than $5m. As such, the Company does not believe it has any significant risk of liquidity issues at SVB. $IGM Biosciences(IGMS.US)$
RYTM: Rhythm Pharmaceuticals announced that its deposit account balance with SVB was approximately $3.4 million, representing approximately 1.1% of the company's total cash and cash equivalents. $Rhythm Pharmaceuticals(RYTM.US)$
SYRS: Syros Pharmaceuticals disclosed that it had two deposit accounts with Silicon Valley Bank as of March 10, 2023. One of the accounts had a balance of less than $250,000 and the other had a balance of approximately $3.1 million, pursuant to a letter of credit that the company must provide to its landlord in connection with the execution of the company's headquarters lease. $Syros Pharmaceuticals(SYRS.US)$
EYPT: EyePoint Pharmaceuticals currently holds millions of dollars in micro-cash with Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB). $EyePoint Pharmaceuticals(EYPT.US)$
ATRA: Atara Biotherapeutics currently maintains an account with Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) holding approximately $2 million in cash deposits, an amount that the Company believes is immaterial to its liquidity. $Atara Biotherapeutics(ATRA.US)$
ISEE: Iveric Bio currently maintains a minimum amount of cash and cash equivalents with Silicon Valley Bank (“SVe”) in the millions of dollars. $IVERIC bio(ISEE.US)$
VERA: Vera Therapeutics currently holds about 1.2% of its cash and investments in SVB. Accordingly, the Company believes that its exposure to risks related to SVB is minimal. $Vera Therapeutics(VERA.US)$
XFOR: X4 Pharmaceuticals has approximately 2.5% cash deposits in SVB. $X4 Pharmaceuticals(XFOR.US)$
CTMX: CytomX Therapeutics does not consider any liquidity issues it faces at SVB to be material. Cash held by SVB in CTMX accounts operated by CytomX was at or near the FDIC insured limit of $250,000. CytomX also maintains a deposit account with SVB in the amount of approximately $917,000 pursuant to a standby letter of credit issued under its office lease. $CytomX(CTMX.US)$
AXSM: Axsome Therapeutics has a substantial cash deposit in SVB. $Axsome Therapeutics(AXSM.US)$
WVE: Wave Life Sciences' cash and restricted cash holdings in SVB total approximately $1.5 million. $Wave Life Sciences(WVE.US)$
JNPR: Juniper maintains operating accounts at SVB with a minimum cash balance of less than 1% of the company's total cash. $Juniper Networks(JNPR.US)$
QS: QuantumScape has very limited exposure to SVB, low single-digit percentage exposure relative to the company's total liquidity and total assets $QuantumScape(QS.US)$
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