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        How does ChatGPT understand “stonk o tracker/stonk o'tracker?”
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        AMC Theaters Announces Latest Move To Boost Ticket Sales

        AMC Theaters announced a plan to price tickets based on seat location within the auditorium, although it’s unclear that such a cookie-cutter plan will work in all markets. It’s likely to go over well in major markets where incomes are higher and the upper middle class and the wealthy are happy to pay more to get the best seats. However, in rural areas where incomes are lower it might not be seen as a perk.

        The initiative is called Sightline at AMC and will roll out in select markets initially, and nationwide after it has been tested. You will be able to choose Standard Sightline for the regular cost of a ticket, Value Sightline in the front row for a lower cost, and Preferred Sightline, which will be seats in the middle of the auditorium.

        In fact, many other entertainment venues are lowering prices to entice more viewers to come in after attendance came to a halt, then crawled back slowly for live events due to COVID-19. For instance, The Tampa Bay Rays are offering $10 tickets to all home games this season with the hope that a “lower price point will lead to larger crowds,” according to Marc Topkin of the TAMPA BAY TIMES.

        The lower-priced tickets are “in the Party Deck area above left field and selected lower-level games,” he said, with at least 1,000 of these tickets available for each game. The Rays have implemented improvement in ticketing technology so scalpers can’t buy the tickets and sell them at a higher price. $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ $AMC Preferred Equity Unit(APE.US)$
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