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        Meta shares soar almost 20% after fourth-quarter earnings released
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        Meta Q4 FY22 Earnings Preview — Betting the % change in closing after-hours price to win!

        Meta Q4 FY22 Earnings Preview — Betting the % change in closing after-hours price to win!
        Bet Game
        Place your Bet on Meta's percentage change in closing after-hours price (e.g.+3%) of February 1 ET by 7:00 PM, February 1 ET. The mooer with the closest bet will win 300 points!
        Lucky Draw
        The 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and so on mooers to comment will get 30 points.

        Meta's Q4 FY22 Earnings Conference Call is to be hosted on February 1 ET, after the U.S. markets close! The consensus estimate for revenue is expected at $31.7 billion, indicating a nearly 6.2% year-on-year (YoY) decrease. The EPS is estimated at $2.24 for this quarter, which suggests a slump of 39% YoY.
        Meta Platforms, Inc. went through the challenging year of 2022 when it lost almost two-thirds of its value because the advertising market stalled and social media giants grappled with macroeconomic headwinds. Besides, Apple's new privacy restrictions have also impacted Meta's ability to target ads toward iPhone users. Aslo, there seems to be a shift to less-lucrative video formats in response to more intense competition with the popularity of TikTok.
        Lacking a revival in growth, Meta wants to demonstrate the ability to grip costs and protect profitability in tough times. This would help build investors' confidence that the company can bounce back when better condition comes. Meta just laid off 11,000 workers in November 2022 (around 13% of its workforce) and is looking to cut costs more in the months ahead. The actions should help it improve free cash flow, which is expected to exceed $2.1 billion in Q4.

        As one of the market leaders, Meta's Earnings Call may provide more details about its ongoing business and future direction.

        Target Price
        Period: Last 3 months; Number: 26 institutional analysts
        Meta Q4 FY22 Earnings Preview — Betting the % change in closing after-hours price to win!

        Rewarding points will be distributed within 5-7 working days after the results are announced.
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