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        Yes! A Bounce But, How Far Up Can It Go, Tesla?

        ShhhTesla share price rises nearly $120No DollarsNo Dollars
        Tesla rebounded again in the US stock market in the morning market, continuing the trend of opening low and closing high last Friday. The share price in the morning market increased. As of 11:46 pm Hong Kong time, the latest increase was 8.6% or $9.7, to $122.8.
        ShhhTesla has cut its price. Orders are soaring and deliveries are slowing down.
        Model Y rear-wheel drive and long-range versions have had their domestic delivery times extended to 2-5 weeks, while the Model Y Performance version still has a delivery time of 1-4 weeks.
        ShhhTesl Offers Reduced Prices to Singapore Consumer
        Tesla is offering a price reduction on its existing inventory of Model 3 and Model Y in Singapore, following a price reduction in China.
        Tesla will offer a US$5,000 discount on the "One for One" programme for internal combustion vehicles and a further$5,000 reduction for owner's license holders, plus a connector for charging for buyers with an in-home installation location, but the cost of installation will be borne by the owner.
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