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        Sea change: How to invest when cheap money is gone?
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        the sea change

        I believe the investing environment will be different from the past 2.5- 3 years.
        I cannot comment on the investing landscape before that period as I wasn't investing then and it would male me a liar. but I will say this: the investing from 3 years ago or less won't work now. the theory is that interest rates raising make profit multiples fall. so the strongest companies will be the ones that have actual profit. also the companies which have profits and profits in U.S. dollars will most likely be the most resilient.
        I'd like to say the best equipped may be the U.S. utility companies. I guess if I had to name a few $Sempra Energy(SRE.US)$ SRE, $PG&E Corp(PCG.US)$ , and $Charter Communications(CHTR.US)$
        however I am not a financial advisor and please do not follow my advice as i am new to this
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