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commented on a stock11/25 01:10

Not luck, STRATEGY.

$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ If you STUDY Tesla’s fundamentals, if you are aware of the company‘s plans and of it’s GORGEOUS financial and market position and you sell at 170, you deserve to DIE POOR. If you don’t know much about it, instead, you shouldn’t invest… in whatever stock.
SUPERFICIALITY, absurd diversification, blind following of the mass-trend and lack of emotional control are the reason of every loss. The stock of a great company going down for “external” reasons (there are reasons, of course) is not a loss: it’s an opportunity to buy at discount. BUT you always need a strategy. You also need to protect your investment and we now have the proper tools to do it. Accumulating TSLA and day trading the TSLL 1,5x etf (up and down, though I don’t love shorting) is a good way to compensate the losses on the TSLA, so when it recovers, you get a huge profit. It would probably not be the best thing to do with any other company but, if you are aware of Tesla’s potential, of its actual growth rate and of its strenght on ANY market you would not want to miss.
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