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        Video of moomoo Lands on New York Times Square

        Futu wrote a column · 11/01/2022 16:14
        As Futu celebrates its 10th birthday, on October 28th EST, the video of moomoo, Futu’s one-stop financial service platform, landed on the Nasda screen in Times Square, New York.
        Video of moomoo Lands on New York Times Square
        In 2018, moomoo was born in Silicon Valley, USA. Since then, moomoo has been upholding Futu, the parent company’s mission of "Making investment easier and not alone", and constantly improving its product features to meet user needs. Starting from the U.S., our footprint has expanded to Singapore and Australia.
        Video of moomoo Lands on New York Times Square
        Today, we already has a comprehensive product ecosystem that provides real-time LV2 data to users anytime, anywhere. It offers over 100 easy-to-use professional analysis tools, including "Technical Indicators", one of the most popular features of moomoo users, as well as the newly launched "Industry Chain" and the newly updated "Earnings Calendar" etc. Moreover, it supports 16-hour fully extended trading hours for clients.
        Video of moomoo Lands on New York Times Square
        Along the journey, mooers have been offering valuable feedback on our products in Futubull and moomoo community. With their help, we are able to relentlessly improve our products. In the first half of 2022 alone, a total of 81 versions of moomoo were released on all platform terminals, with a total of 3,920 features updated.
        Video of moomoo Lands on New York Times Square
        On Futu’s 10th birthday
        10 years ago, Futu was founded in Hong Kong. October 29 marks Futu’s anniversary as we were offficially certified by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange(HKSE), became a participant of the HKSE.
        Today, Futu has grown into the largest retail brokerage in Hong Kong. Now we have a more ambitious goal: introducing our products and services to the world and "become a global financial services platform with significant influence".
        We have obtained 51 licenses and qualifications from mainstream financial markets around the world and have been popular among nearly 20 million global users.
        Thank you Mooers for your support to moomoo!
        Video of moomoo Lands on New York Times Square
        Check out our cool video on the NASDAQ screen!
        * Moomoo app is a trading platform offered by Moomoo Technologies Inc.
        Securities services available in the moomoo app are provided by Moomoo Financial Inc, member of FINRA/SIPC (in the U.S.), Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd, CMS License No. 101000 (in Singapore), and Futu Securities (Australia) Ltd, AFSL 224663 (in Australia)
        Level 2 data is free to moomoo users that have an approved brokerage account with Moomoo Financial Inc. Trading during Extended Hours Trading Sessions carries unique risks, such as greater price volatility, lower liquidity, wider bid/ask spreads, and less market visibility, and may not be appropriate for all investors.
        Disclaimer: Community is offered by Moomoo Technologies Inc. and is for educational purposes only. Read more
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