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When all 3 are down YTD, what happens afterwards?

When all 3 are down YTD, what happens afterwards?
2022 is the second biggest downturn for all 3 S&P, 10 Year Bonds and 60/40 Portfolio, after 1931. See what happens in the following years afterwards. End of 2022 and next year will be explosive in green especially if inflation starts to peak and decline. Remember this motto: buy when everyone is fearful. The stock market cannot keep going down forever but also cannot go up all the time.
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  • The Neglect : I’ll tell you what happens, they start hedging by closing their risk on positions(shorts), and start covering.

  • Zerocool888 : Yeap, it’s all about balance. Which is why CASH is still KING! Whoever now has cash in their hands and if they invest on the right stocks, they might just retire in early 2025 or earlier if they are not greedy. FEAR, UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT (FUD) is what drives most traders to great losses. So, traders out there…..not just APES from AMC but all of you who have vested in other stocks, hodl on to it but make sure you do your own DD that the stock you are holding is worth HODLING!

    This is not a financail advise as it’s everyone for themselves. I can only share some advise but it is up to you all to executed it. So read up and always update yourself on the latest news - doesn’t matter if it’s financial related. It can be a normal daily news which might trigger investors to buy or sell.

Just an enigmatic investor, yours truly. 😉