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Ankur Tiwari
wrote a post09/13/2022 15:54

Tesla is valued as a tech company and it’s highly unlikely the market would evaluate Porsche as such.

Yeah, I agree on this. I was thinking more about the car brand itself rather than the stock (I assume all EV tech will continue to be shared with VW anyway). The Taycan starts at 90k EUR which is same as Model S. I’m not sure what the Porsche SUV will cost but I assume it will be priced competitively with Model X. I expect it should do pretty good at least in Europe where Tesla seems to be struggling (compared to NA). They probably won't have anything comparable to Model 3 since they'd be competing with VW but Porsche is still much closer to higher end Teslas than to Ferrari.
The cheapest non EV Ferrrari (they don’t even make EVs yet…) starts at 220k and the rest of their cars are on a completely different level price wise than Porsche. I’m not even sure how is it relevant here, Ferrari in most aspects is closer to a luxury fashion brand than a traditional car maker (and is to a degree valued as such).
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