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What would you do if you could go back in time?
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If have change could go back in time

If I can travel back in time for one year ago I will invest correct way, buy low sell high. But only can say if can “travel back in time”, however with me if do something wrong it will be lesson in my life and my life have quite a lot lesson for invest.  
Invest is long term in our life but need to have knowledge and can control it by myself. Invest a lot of money it’s not means can earn a lot, maybe can loose all also. So must be “smart invest” to be safe for my life. Always update a lot of things to know which way should be correct to going on.
I was quite lucky when I have a friend who taught me about investing and was extra happy has he introduced me Moomoo App to trade. Moomoo App is amazing, all about things you need to know is inside the app, very useful and convenient, and catch up the news very fast. I hope in the future Moomoo can more and more develop for users like us. Thanks to MooMoo!   The stock I trading now is Futu, Apple, Grab 💪🏻
Gift from MooMoo
Gift from MooMoo
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