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61% of people live paycheck-to-paycheck: How to grow money?
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joined discussion06/07/2022 22:04

People living style

It depending on individual eventually, I would prefer to go for financial freedom. For me, financial freedom  =  passive income more than expenses, where we do not need to worry about even we are not working anymore. I wish to invest smartly, earn enough money then retire early and travel extensively.

For some peoples, financial freedom means being able to pay the bills with money left over each month or keep for other purposes, like spend for family, personal expenses or investment, passive income covers basic living expenses and current lifestyle.

Living from paycheck to paycheck is spending monthly income just enough for regular expenses or sometimes not having sufficient savings for emergencies. When you live from paycheck to paycheck, you are constantly worry of running out of money before month end and accumulation of debts. 

Included some graphics for comparison to provide more insights.. Stay cool!!  Hey
People living style
People living style
People living style
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  • Johnnie Worker : Thx million for such great insight!

  • whqqq : thanks a bunch!

  • 雪鸟飞 : Mind to share how passive income can be more than expenses? How much capital is needed for this purpose?

  • cola1010OP 雪鸟飞: Hi, i earned the passive income from my stock investment, unit trust and online shopping platform shop. So you will need to know how heavy is your expense like housing, car, lifestyles, bills and so on. If your passive income can cover most of the expenses then you can actually have the financial freedom, it is not easy though (stock up and down), sometimes still need to cover by job income.