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commented on a stock05/31 15:42

Changhong IT and Tencent Become General Agents of Nintendo Switch in Chinese Mainland

$Changhong Jiahua(03991.HK)$ Changhong IT, an ICT integrated service provider based in China, announced on Monday that it has reached an agreement with Chinese tech giant Tencent $TENCENT(00700.HK)$ to become the general agent of Nintendo Switch products in Mainland China. Both parties will carry out marketing, channel expansion, terminal development and consumer empowerment in Chinese mainland market.
At present, Tencent has introduced a variety of games released by the Nintendo Switch, which have proven to give consumers value for their money.
Based on Tencent‘s long-term strategic layout of the console, its games and the mobile game market, Changhong IT’s strategic investment in a pan-intelligent terminal business in the form of metaverse in the game mutual entertainment sector, both parties will jointly promote the development of a broader game ecology in the Chinese mainland market.
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