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Gen Z: Brace for the first bear market

In One Chartwrote a column05/16/2022 17:55
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In One Chart
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  • Moomoo Recap US : Laughnice lesson

  • Martin365 : Well I been in since I got my ppp loan lol and yes this is my first bear market lessons are being learned daily! Made me learn about contract. I’m my thing that’s gonna save you in this market imo is PUTS and SHORTING! And when the bull market comes back you can play those greens candles and also the red ones on dipS lol remember those, when the stock actually went back up oooo last year!!!!

  • 70763467 : I made a big sell off after Biden became President. I regretted it because I missed an opportunity. But I held that position. Now I’m breaking even. It took a year but the market is down. So now the problem becomes, when do u buy back in?

  • EATTHERICH1980 : House shit,  and this is no genuine bear market. Your willingness to over look what is happening in the market so-as to pump out this misinformation does nothing but convince me that America needed its own French revolution.
    know your place you Oligarchical bastards or you'll get put there involuntarily.

  • 50 cent : I would have to agree, I'm learning a lot!

  • THEWIZARD : Thumbs UpThumbs Up
    They must experience it! Smile
    Hopefully, after that, they will become more sophisticated investors / traders.
    In their life time, if they are still in the market, they will go through a few of these cycles. Smile