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wrote a post05/06/2022 18:34

Enter to Win: Stock by chart challenge S22

Hello mooers,
Happy Friday! The stock market has had many unpredictable ups or downs this week. Meanwhile, the Stock by Chart Challenge is here every Friday as promised to keep you company while you enjoy your weekend. You can recognize the proper stock, leave your insightful comments, and you may get your prize!
Rule: Look at the charts below and tell the name of corresponding stocks. (i.e. Tesla, Apple, AMC)
Validity period: Please leave your comments by Monday May. 09, 9:00 AM ET / 10:00 PM SGT.
The first and the last mooer who give correct answers within the validity period will win 288 points each!
Miss the first place? Feel free to leave your comment about any of the stocks below, and 3 mooers who posted with their originality analysis and detailed description on the correct stocks will win extra 288 points each!

Chart one
Enter to Win: Stock by chart challenge S22
The company is an American retailer of home decor and building materials headquartered in Georgia. The company employs more than 300,000 employees worldwide and operates more than 2,000 large hardware stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China. In addition, the company has been rated by Fortune magazine as the "Most Popular Specialty Retailer" for several years.

Chart two
Enter to Win: Stock by chart challenge S22
This company is an American energy company based in Texas. It is engaged in the exploration, production, processing, and marketing of oil and natural gas and the production and marketing of chemical and plastic products. Meanwhile, the company is one of the Fortune 500 and employs over 30,000 people in nearly 40 countries worldwide. In addition, the company is one of the top five private energy companies in the world.

Chart three
Enter to Win: Stock by chart challenge S22
This company is an American pharmaceutical company headquartered in California. It was founded in 1980 and is currently one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company's main business is exploring, developing, producing, and marketing innovative medicines.

Disclaimer:Stock by Chart Challenge is for entertainment purposes only. It does not provide any investments or financial advice.
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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  • PlutoMoo102685100 : $Home Depot(HD.US)$
    $Valero Energy(VLO.US)$

  • Syuee : $Home Depot(HD.US)$  is trading at a price that should appeal to value-focused investors.
    It has withstood macro-level financial shocks and should provide assurance to anyone worried about an imminent recession.
    Home Depot stock is an asset that one can hold for years and not worry about it collapsing.
    If you are in it for the long term, Home Depot can truly be your portfolio’s best friend.
    Home Depot pays a forward annual dividend yield of 2.5%. Those dividend distributions can even help your account stay in the green~ during challenging economic times.
    There is no way to guarantee that Home Depot will be recession-proof. However, it is one of the best assets to own during a financial downturn.
    Home Depot is huge and has name-brand recognition and strong staying power. Customers shopped at Home Depot during past crises, and it is a proven true survivor.
    Interest rates are set to continue their rise in the near term as the Fed tries to curb soaring inflation.
    While this is indeed worrying, investing in Home Depot in a time of heightened uncertainty may be the right move.  Smirk

  • 加权 : Home Depot, COM, JNJEmm

  • Spritz : $Home Depot(HD.US)$

  • PlutoMoo102685100 Syuee: Wow new pfp. Real you?

  • Syuee PlutoMoo102685100: Shy

  • Milk The Cow : $Amgen(AMGN.US)$ = Applied Molecular Genetics Inc. , is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. One of the world's largest independent biotechnology companies, Amgen was established in Thousand Oaks, California, in 1980.
    Focused on molecular biology and biochemistry, its goal is to provide a healthcare business based on recombinant DNA technology.
    All in one is a company related to biology (health) Smart.
    For its 1Q22 profit seem a bit lower... Guess is due to interest rate hike Smug.
    Overall, its 1Q22 report performance is not really that good but also not that bad Grin = normal.
    Got great dividends too = $1.94 roughly a quarter Wow.
    Really not too bad Grin.
    For their business to summarise it, as shown in the image below Trick.
    DYODD before investingOK

  • HopeAlways : The stock price of $Amgen(AMGN.US)$ has been falling since the release of its quarterly results. Although the company generated positive year-over-year revenue growth, earnings declined during the period. Nevertheless, it was still a strong quarter for $Amgen(AMGN.US)$ as there were improvements in gross profit, cost savings in operating expenses, and even taxes were lower in the past quarter. Nothing in its earnings numbers suggest that the company is on the wrong track or that its growth prospects do not appear promising anymore. This is still a good investment that could make for an underrated buy given the dip in price. Moreover, its earnings multiple is still reasonable  compared to its competitors. Investors should not be overly concerned with its recent results, and any prolonged drop in price only makes $Amgen(AMGN.US)$ a compelling buy in the long term.

  • HuatEver : Founded in 1980,  $Valero Energy(VLO.US)$  is a global manufacturer and marketer of transportable fuels and petroleum. This company has continued to grow and evolve to become the world’s largest independent oil refiner. It has 15 refineries that are mostly located in US, producing gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, base oils, solvents, natural gas liquids, aromatics, etc to meet California Air Resources Board Requirements.
    By and large. $Valero Energy(VLO.US)$ stock prices has rocketed in Q1, 2022 mainly due to the following reasons:-
    TwirlIncreasing tightness in US refining capacity.
    TwirlThe increasing global demand, especially  
         triggered off by the recent Russia Ukraine war.
    TwirlThe lowered world supply, which means less
         fierce competitions.
    Moreover,  $Valero Energy(VLO.US)$ has shrewdly focused and invested heavily in upgrading their refineries to improve overall efficiency and prioritising on environmental compliance and safety. The bottom line is to produce high quality products from low quality feedstocks and natural gas. It’s strategic goal is aimed at sourcing as much crude as it can from the least expansive sources.
    Put simply,  $Valero Energy(VLO.US)$ has performed well in bad times like the global pandemic, and has returned plenty of cash to shareholders. After  hitting some slow orders a year ago,  $Valero Energy(VLO.US)$ seems to be on track to emerge stronger than ever. Strong Thumbs Up

  • PlutoMoo102685100 Spritz: First and last Wow

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