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Mother's Day: Reflect on mom's teaching as an investor!
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Moomoo Learn SG
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Go ahead and spoil your mother with this idea — financial security

A mother is always concerned about many things, including children's education, family spending, retirement, and healthcare. She deserves a gift to secure her financial future.
It's time to make an investment plan with love and a thankful heart for her.Heart
Source: Slidesgo
Source: Slidesgo

[ Quickly prepare Mother's Day Gift - only 2 steps ]
Step1: Set the amount of money on your account or an account opened for her;
Step2: Develop an investment strategy and choose funds for your mom according to herage, goal, and tolerance for risk.
Note: listen to your mom and try to understand her intentions, needs and wants.Joyful

[ Don't know how to make a suitable investment strategy for your mom? Find inspiration inlifecycle investing ]
Investment strategy needs to be keyed to one's life cycle. A 34-year-old and a 68-year-old saving for retirement should use different financial instruments. —— Burton Gordon Malkiel
Source: PeerSpectrum | Journeys in Medicine
Source: PeerSpectrum | Journeys in Medicine
Malkiel, a Princeton University economist, believes that a younger investor with long-term financial goals could take on more risk than an older one. Therefore, lifecycle investing could help investors adjust asset allocations as time goes by.
Nowadays, the strategy has been improved. Sometimes, people would be divided into three stages in the investor lifecycle:
Source: Advisor
Source: Advisor
Note: Investors who want to pick out suitable funds can't just base on age, but also examine their attitude towards risk and goals.
There is no perfect investment strategy, and neither is lifecycle investing.
If you don't have time to track the daily market indices, automatic investment plans (AIP) could help you easy investing.
Investors with the following features can consider AIP:
· Investors with long-term goals such as saving up for pension and children's education;
· Investors who want to mitigate investment risks;
· Investors who have limited time for wealthmanagement; and
· Inexperienced investors who want to earn profits from markets by diluting the risk in the long term.
Automating investing removes the need to manually move the funds, which is really suit for your mom. Set the fund transfer instructions once and let investments run on auto-pilot mode.
Try it on moomoo now! Gift the woman in your life something extra special.
Go ahead and spoil your mother with this idea — financial security
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  • Jamesim : Happy mother's day Rose

  • be wealthy : HeartHeart like the book A Random Walk Down Wall Street

  • 老Uncle : health is wealth too. Gdbye

  • Moomoo Learn SGOP be wealthy: That’s right

  • 103891473 : happy mother day🥰🥰

  • FBI888 : 母亲节快乐❤️

  • c_mk 老Uncle: Cry

  • 富贵健康 : 在这里㊗️所有的妈妈,母亲节快乐🎉🎁记得以前小时候和奶奶还有大伯一起住在一起,我母亲就一直省吃简用的攒下钱想买个属于自己的房子,可是房价和土地一直上涨。每年都有听过母亲和她朋友聊到关于土地涨价,而且很难买得。就是那时我已经明白投资土地是摆在第一位,买不到土地,才去买二手房或新村。还有第二件事就是我妈说她年轻时黃金一钱才一百多人民币到我七八岁的时候黄金一钱三百多人民币,到了我十几岁的时候,我又听我妈谈到黄金,所以妈妈让我懂得黄金的价格是上涨的。我母亲很善良。我爱我的妈妈,我㊗️所有的母亲健康长寿。

  • oppa pempek : happy mother’s dayyyyyyy!! 👵👧👦🥰WhimperBlowing Kisses