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Max Vans
commented on a stock05/04/2022 16:10

What’s Happening.

$YZJ Fin Hldg(YF8.SG)$ while Tesla, Apple has done split before on their shares, they did not have these issues. As long the parent company has strong fundementals any split should not have a deep impact on the 2nd company. Not sure if the management did a deep analysis on what will happen if they did the split. Where they too ambition too fast. Seems the institutional buying has not increased the share price. Hope for a better stock value soon.
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  • b34r : The parent company (YZHSH) is now the pure shipbuilding business. The two companies have completely different fundamentals. They are not even in the same sector.

  • RedBeanPaste : This is not even a split. The 2 different stocks are in 2 different industries.

  • Max VansOP : I’m aware that the two companies are providing different services. However, the take up rate of the stocks for the second company is far less.