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Do Good. For your portfolio and our planet: SG's 1st low-carbon ETF
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Take the ETF quiz & win 1888 points and moomoo Lion!

Moomoo Learn SG joined discussion · Apr 18, 2022 22:11
Take the ETF quiz & win 1888 points and moomoo Lion!
New energy & New trend
Countries have advocated low-carbon plans to avoid damaging the environment in recent years.
Do you support low-carbon living?
As investors become more environmentally conscious, there is a growing trend in green investing.
Have you ever considered buying a low-carbon ETF to do good for the planet?
Take the trading quiz & get prize!
Start by learning "What is an ETF?" and then judge if it really does good to your portfolio.

Here is how it works:
Step 1: Learn & Master the related contents
Step 2: Take the quiz & Leave your answer in the comment

Event Rewards:
Users who participate in this event and have answered all questions correctly will be awarded:
The first winner: 1888 points+moomoo Lion Dance*1
The 2nd-10th winner: 188 points+moomoo Lion Dance*1
Every participant: 20 points
Note: Please post during the event. Late posting will not be rewarded. Each person has only one chance to win. Answer will be announced on April 22.
Event Time:
April 19, 2022, 12:00 PM to April 21, 2022, 12:00 PM SGT
1. When you see a friend trading on a securities software, you think he's buying stocks, but he's actually buying ETFs. So what is an ETF? (Single)
A)A mutual fund.
B)An exchange-traded fund.
C)An index fund.
2. Your friend explains the reason why he likes ETFs. Which of the following feature may not be included? (Single)
C)Substantial returns without risk
D)Flexibility and transparency
3. You are trying to consider which type of ETF might suit you. Which one is NOT available on the market? (Single)
B)Index-based ETFs
C)Commodity ETFs
D)Bond ETFs
4. A new low-carbon ETF that tracks the iEdge-OCBC attracts your friend's eyes. So you want to figure out what the index is. Which one is correct? (Single)
A)The index tracking the traditional energy sectors
B)The index serves the demand for portfolio decarbonization
C)Funds that track the index have high returns with low risk
5. Assumed that the low carbon ETF mentioned in Question 4 was launched in Singapore. What is the ETF's name? (Single)
B) Subscribe now
C)Trading on moomoo

6. After seeing your friend subscribe the ETF mentioned above, you want to know the advantages of subscribing via moomoo. What is the answer? (Single)
A)Free subscription
B)100% allotment rate
C)Supports zero interest margin trading
D) All of the above
You can find the answer in this article >> What is an ETF?
Claim up to S$200 cash coupon >> Singapore's 1st Low Carbon ETF is Coming!
Ready to win the prize? Post your answer now!
Take the ETF quiz & win 1888 points and moomoo Lion!
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