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        Daily Poll Special: Weekly Guess
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        Daily Poll Special: Weekly Guess

        Daily Poll Special: Weekly Guess
        Can you foresee trends? Are you confident in your ability to predict the future? Put your skills to the test! What you need to do is to select an answer to the posted question and leave a comment with the reason you chose your answer.
        If your prediction is accurate, you will be rewarded with points.

        Blowing KissesRules:
        "Popular on moomoo" will post five "Daily Poll"s every week. One of them will be our little "test" for you. The Daily polls will be posted randomly, so keep an eye out or you might miss it!

        Blowing KissesTwo rewards:
        1. Mooers who select the correct answer will get 50 points.
        2. Share your insights about the topic and elaborate on it. We will give 88 points to 5 outstanding posts according to their originality, quality, and relevance.

        *The rewards will be distributed within 10 working days after the answer is revealed.

        Please follow "Popular on moomoo" and the "Daily Poll" discussions if you don't want to miss it.

        Here comes the first question:
        *$Alibaba(BABA.US)$ ‘s Earnings Date will be at Feb 24, 2022
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • Milk The Cow : I "guess" red since the past financial report does not show that great results.
          Maybe a slow down but still not consider worst.
          Never follow Chinese stock news much, so only can guessLaugh.

        • steady Pom pipi : Red will appearEmmEmmEmm

        • Ms G : BABA will be in green. I feel in my bones.

        • Sianzsation : Beat results now this market sentiment u beat by abit also L must super exceed then is a win

        • Madiq Izichi : it's going to be bad... another round of checks on banks financial exposure to Ant Group Co.

        • the_real_kyle : not so good prior report 🤔 that will create hesitation and action pretty equally I'd say.
          Guy/Gal:(A) -reads previous report, sees "not the greatest🤔🧐 maybe I just watch this one happen?
          Gal/Gal:(B) -Not about to get on that sinker ☠️
          Gal/Gal:(C) -sees a dump on the future, watches the drop at open👀 the suspense is ki..LLING Him/Her!!! Because after every "drop" there is always another hill going up; just need to time it just Righhhhhhh....
          so in the end with Flat @ x=±10%, but I'm willing to say closer to x≈5-7.(?)% in the positive direction (x≠≥10%).

        • Dudgenut : red because troops are being sent to Ukraine,   that with the inflation and soon to be rate hikes I foreseen a red week

        • Tiggerpepper : Yeah yeah because I am a fortune 🔮 teller

        • Charles tea : Crackle will uo

        • NIKKI Z : It's been red for a long time. It's time to give it a 😂.

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