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        How to deal with emotional damage?

        Firstly, I must confessed that I'd been emotional damaged 💔 before.

        It's not related to stocks... it something more personal, in which I don't want to share it for now.
        (I can only share with u how I deal with it)

        How u know u are emotional damage (depression)?
        1. Feels like not doing anything, not because u are lazy. But, u can claim it as lazy as nobody will believe u.
        2. Feel lifeless. Everything become like slow motion. 🐌 The truth is not everything become slow motion... it's ur sense that has become slower.
        3. Insomnia (Sleeps a lot but yet not feeling like sleeping at all as u are think about a lot of things)

        How I deal with emotional damaged (Depression)?
        I must say is "TIME".
        U will feel better over time.
        All u need is some personal "TIME" alone.
        Used this time to reflects what went wrong (Organised ur thoughts).
        Accept ur own mistakes & make ammendments to it (improve urself)
        Only accepting ur mistakes... then u can move forward.

        Did "TIME" solved all things?
        I must be truthful...
        Of course... NO!
        U just feels better that's all.

        It may take a long time before u can finally feels better.
        But, then... when the time ⏲ u feels better, make sure u come back twice better than before. NO, I must say
        3 times or more, for all the "TIME" u used to reflects.Laugh

        If u still can't come out of it after "TIME", sometime it's better to seek professional help.
        In my case, I would say it does not do me much good.
        It's only u urself can help urself.
        Things cannot be always perfect & goes the way u want. So, u got to make a "choice" to give up something to continue moving forward.

        Hope my advise can help u outLaugh

        *It's fine to take "1 step" back & "2 steps" forward again.
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