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it’s scary when a growth stock has no more growth. the young...

$Meta Platforms(FB.US)$ it’s scary when a growth stock has no more growth. the young just don’t use Facebook anymore. ask your kids, nephews and nieces. it’s going down.
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  • Boonnz : I know fb is the main income source for meta, but think about instagram and whatsapp, and developing tech on going, still the top fashion trend in most of the country, and this price might be just nice to enter isn't it?

  • Kifff : Agreed. Growing exponentially in the early 2000s till now does not necessarily mean that the company can continue to innovate forever. There’s only so much one can do unless they expand into a whole new market. They’re moving into the meta verse but let’s be real, really? I don’t think it’s a big deal ‘living’ in a fake world when you still have to get back to reality to eat and use the toilet etc.

  • MONDAY86 : My kids don't even use FB.

  • JOHN AVATAR : I never used Fakebook really... always had an account (I'm net techy), but never used it, tried some promo/marketing for my iPhone/iPad, with no success....  And big clunky VR headsets???? Really... WHO is going to do that!!??  The META idea is DUMB!!!  Just the same, I expect the stock to climb back to at least 250, maybe above 300 (bought shares this morning)?  Then over the next year... META will die, unless... I can help them!:)

  • Daniel ZnOP Boonnz: Nah it should still go down 20%, and if next quarter’s growth numbers are bad it tanks to $150. Netflix just had a 50% dump, and only a slight recovery. N Netflix actually has growth, unlike fb.

  • JOHN AVATAR Daniel ZnOP: Except NETFLIX IS TERRIBLE!!!!!  At least FakeBook has potential.  FakeBook is just silly!  Silly sells, terrible doesn't!:*). (Have another drink)

  • ATS A trade sniper : less n less use hohoho

  • Richard1 : 95% of their revenue rely on ads, and tiktok is eating their lunch

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