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One Chart: World's top gold ETF sees holdings surge

Molly wealth talkjoined discussion01/25/2022 17:29
According to Bloomberg, gold just got a very bullish sign from investors who are returning to the precious metal in a big way. Changes in ETF holdings are monitored as a gauge of investor interest in longer-term bets on gold.
Source: State Street Global; Bloomberg
Source: State Street Global; Bloomberg
$SPDR Gold ETF(GLD.US)$ , the largest bullion-backed exchange-traded fund, on Friday recorded its biggest net inflow in dollar terms since listing in 2004 -- worth $1.63 billion. In tonnage terms, Friday's net inflow was 27.6 tons.

Even as the Fed to tighten, which could dampen the appeal of non-interest bearing bullion, demand for the haven is getting support from the in equities, U.S.-Russia over Ukraine, and the plunge in Bitcoin.
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Molly wealth talk
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