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Set Your Goal, Let it Roll!
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joined discussion01/05/2022 19:33

What's New in Courses (01/05): Meet fresh knowledge

Moomoo Courses is committed to providing high-quality content for investors.
Learn first before trading to make investing easier and not alone.
Let's take a look at what's trending in Courses!TongueTongue

[ New Courses]

Since 2021, the price indexs of Europe and the US have risen significantly reaching to highest record respectively .SurpriseSurprise
High inflation is becoming a major concern worldwide.Inflation will push the price higher while weakening your purchasing power.SobSob

Investing in the right assets is not only able to defend against inflation but also probably retire early and acheive financial independence. This why we launched this course.
Key points:
What are the benefits of investing
How to find your perfect match stock
How to use Heat Map to choose best performs sectors

[ Hot Features]

How to compare multiple stocks charts at the same time? Moomoo has released the new feature through which you are able to swith between list mode and chart mode.

Multi-Charts Presentation:

This feature aims to help you compare several stocks roughly at the same time without repeatedly clicking on one stock chart after another.
You can simultaneously to compare several stocks and makes data displaying more efficiently.SmartSmart
What's New in Courses (01/05): Meet fresh knowledge
What's New in Courses (01/05): Meet fresh knowledge
For more investment knowledge and trends, welcome to Courses in the Community.
What's New in Courses (01/05): Meet fresh knowledge
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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