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        Follow the Pelosi Money trail.

        Seems Mr Nancy Pelosi made some trades in options the last week. After purchases in things like MSFT just before they got a $11 bil contract. I'd say its a safe bet to follow the 'there's no insider trading' Pelosis

        According to a public disclosure report dated Dec. 29, Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, spent between $500,001 and $1 million on 10 call options for Google parent company Alphabet with a strike price of $2,000 and up to $1.25 million on 130 call options for with a strike price of $210.

        Mr. Pelosi purchased 50 call options of Walt Disney Company, spending between $100,001 and $250,000. The strike price of $130 expires Sept. 16, 2022.

        He also purchased call options for video game maker Roblox Corporation and chipmaker Micron Technology.
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        • KongWeePeh : Day trader will not follow her.

        • KLaue : should be a law where congress members can only invest in mutual funds and index funds

        • lailie : Surprised there isn't an ETF for this

        • Dons hobby : just goes to show the difference between real people doing what they can everyday and a politician that lies cheats and steals EVERYDAY.
          This is the system that we all have allowed to permiate all of our lives and financial futures.

        • Timothy Jessop KongWeePeh: why? They're making money, right? Why wouldn't I duplicate what they're doing? please educate me as I am new at this trading stuff.

        • Dons hobby Timothy Jessop: I am new as well, my main concern is I don't know enough about it to be comfortable putting any money in it. Don't get me wrong I can see it is making money, but if you don't know about how something works or doesn't work how do you ever know your money is SAFE,  or losing value.
          To me it would be believeing in something that I know nothing about but would invest my money in just doesn't make sense for ME.

        • Timothy Jessop : Doesn't make sense to me either.