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2021 in Review: My Investing Journey Forges Ahead
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Velvet Monkey
joined discussion12/31/2021 02:03

Bye bye 2021. Things I've learned

I'm grateful for 2021, I said goodbye to a 17 year business in Feb.  Went home, cleaned out drawers. decluttered my home and cleaned off my computer! 

And. while cleaning files on computer, came across an email from a friend about investing!  My 3 1/2 years of ETF's really helped my cash flow and debt relief from Covid closure of the business, but now what to do.  searched the internet about day trading and found Moomoo.  Studied the courses. and in April opened my account and started a couple long term invests.

Summer found me hooked on reading everything I could find on day trading.  Making careful real trades and mostly learning about doing it correctly using Moomoo's Similation investing. 

At the same time I studied Coins and very interested in NFT's. 

Between the two new passions I've been able to reduce my debt, live with current cash flow and maintain our family home as a retired homeworker!

I'm looking forward to many successes in 2022!

Happy New Year all!
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