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General Bacon
wrote a post12/25/2021 14:00

Dumbest question on earth.. here goes

I'm sorry for being a noob to trading. Moreover, with options trading.

so, is there anything where 100.00 can do anything?.. I'm a bit of an impulse buyer when it comes to stocks.  so I've limited myself to a new account with tiny funds, to only use money I make in options

aside from getting big boy money, is there any other suggestions that would help?
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  • Trading Andy : you should do some courses on options and learn to read charts. Options trading can be very volatile

  • General BaconOP Trading Andy: correct.. I'm learning.. slowly slowly.. thanks for the advice.. learning about them is as terrifying as the risk, and reward for that matter..
    I'm gonna turn 100 into a million... or zero 🤷‍♂️😁