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wrote a post12/24/2021 15:41

How does AMD beat NVDA in the GPU segment?

I have been watching GPU sales for a while.

It seems NVDA has dominated the entire market with 80% share.

What is it with AMD GPU that made them inferior to NVDA GPU?

Does this apply to Datacentre GPU?
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  • Cully : idia is really just the front runners and AMD is always one step behind them. AMD usually survives because they are just a little cheaper. But, because of the Pandemic and crypto I do not know if I could say that is true.
    AMD however does have something nvidia doesn't do very well at and that is open source drivers for linux. AMD stuff works incredibly well on linux. Nvidia GPUs can be riddled with problems. Because, they do not open source drivers.

  • Howardy : $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ and $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ should collude to use all their gpu data centers to vote no to proof of stake on ethereum. forces ethereum to stay on proof of work and benefits their companies