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How can we seize opportunities in ever-changing markets?
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Have you ever needed help choosing the right stock?

Are you always missing out on great opportunities? Try moomoo's AI Monitor feature. Our system will automatically monitor the market sentiment and alert you on the stocks you may find interesting.

What is AI Monitor

AI Monitor aims to keep tabs on the real-time abnormal movements of the market to make investing easier. It issues alerts to help you get the good timing of trades and seize investment opportunities.

It monitors the fluctuations in the trading volume and prices of HK stocks, US stocks, A-shares, and SG stocks and then issues alerts to help investors seize new market opportunities in time.

Investors can customize the monitoring indicators to avoid information overload. For example, they can tick "Down 7%" for individual stocks or tick "Push" to receive notifications on any changes in the watchlist stocks without opening moomoo.
Have you ever needed help choosing the right stock?
Where to find AI Monitor

Quotes – Explore – AI Monitor
Have you ever needed help choosing the right stock?
Tap here >quote/smartMoni...<to try it out!
(Please use app to open the link)
What is your investing philosophy when facing abnormal market trends? How do you come up with those trading ideas? How can we seize opportunities in ever-changing markets with "AI Monitor" feature? Join the discussion #How can we seize opportunities in ever-changing markets, share your ideas and win rewards now!

Based on originality and content relevance with "AI Monitor" feature of moomoo, best posts will be selected and rewarded with the following prizes!

Rewards await:

5 best posts will get a moomoo Exclusive Merchandise!
10 featured posts will get 1000 points!
* Only relevant posts with a minimum of 20 words and those add topic #How can we seize opportunities in ever-changing markets count. A user can only win once along with any other rule to win.


Now - 23:59 Dec.28th (ET)

Some winning tips for you:

1. Try the AI Monitor feature! Stand out by including screenshots in your post.
2. Share your opinions on how you weigh abnormal market trends and experiences about how you use AI Monitor to help you out.
3. Share your tips or suggestions on how you use the AI Monitor feature.
4. Write your own idea. Plagiarism can result in a loss of qualification to enter the event.

By the way, want to try AI Monitor? Open an account to join us and deposit to trade. Limited offers are awaiting.

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