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        For this, I am grateful
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        Weekly Wins: Big surprise gifts after Thanksgiving!

        Moomoo Learn joined discussion · 11/26/2021 16:54
        Weekly Wins: Big surprise gifts after Thanksgiving!

        Hi, mooers, yesterday is Thanksgiving day, how was everyone going?
        First of all, we at moomoo Courses are so very grateful to everyone who supports us. It is because of your support that we are more motivated to make better courses. Thanks for having youBlowing KissesWowYeah!
        At the same time today is also #4 Weekly Wins (Because of the festival, the event was postponed to Friday). To express our gratitude for your support, we decided to give back to youPartyPartyParty
        This is our latest tailred made video on How to pick stocks. Yes, it's totally free for you.
        DollarAfter watching this, you'll learn three ways to quickly identify stocks to watch or buy.

        No Dollars1. Star Intitutions-how to track investment portfolios of leading institutions.
        No Dollars2. Heat Ranking-how to tell you the most popular stocks on the market.

        No Dollars3.Shareholding Changes-how to follow moves of major shareholders

        If the skill is useful, forward it to your friends and share it with more people.
        Weekly Wins: Big surprise gifts after Thanksgiving!
        Spoiler alert:
        In the following weeks, moomoo Courses will unveil a new series of courses on
        Teach you how to invest wisely and build your wealth gradually.
        What you'll learn:

        [Weekly Wins]
        Weekly Wins: Big surprise gifts after Thanksgiving!
        HappyHow to participate:
        Learn this course and let us know what other investment skills and knowledge you would like to acquire.
        PS: Only followers of Moomoo Courses will become lucky winners.
        Now till 10pm on November 28 (GMT-5).
        Winners will be announced on November 29 (GMT-5).

        Welcome to Courses in Moo Community, we help you trade like a pro.
        Weekly Wins: Big surprise gifts after Thanksgiving!
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • HopeAlways : I find the moomoo courses to be very clear in explaining about the importance of ROE in investing and how to locate ROE on the moomoo app through the use of very effective video. ROE is a useful metric that can evaluate both a company's management and its growth rate. It can be a very powerful weapon in our investing arsenal as long as we know how to use it properly and understand its limitations. Other important aspects like  business model, competitive advantages and growth potential are also emphasised thoughtfully. All these will greatly help investors to pick good stocks for investment. Successful investing is about picking high quality stocks that have the potential to increase in value over time and then holding on to them. The comparison between value and growth investing is a topic worth looking at. Value investing is done by searching for companies trading for relatively cheap valuations based on some financial ratios and key metrics like P/E, P/S and P/B ratios, which are important in value stock selection process. Growth investing seeks stocks that capitalise on stellar growth in financials that help them capture market's attention and produce exceptional returns. Value stocks may be possible long term outperformers while growth stocks are offering attractive growth story that makes them worthwhile bets. It will be great to learn more through @moomoo Courses on how value and growth investing can present good investing opportunities to investors. Whichever investing style is more ideal may depend on the investing preference and financial goals of the investor. Thanks @moomoo Courses for providing very practical and useful courses for all mooers to easily access so as to improve our investing skills and knowledge. DroolAwesomeRespectClap

        • Jeet Kune Do HopeAlways: Great stuff! Can learn a lot about investments..

        • 101767718 HopeAlways: The MooMoo Courses are really great and helpful. It makes me think harder when comes to investing. 👍

        • HuatEver HopeAlways: Yes, I agree that Moomoo Course has plenty  to share.

        • garay HopeAlways: Financial ratio can show a lot about a company’s value at the moment and whether it is trading at a discount. This could give a good gauge of the company’s growth and a sneak peek into its potential in the future.
          Moomoo courses has made it very easy to learn and understand these concept with packet sized lessons that could be learned at ones own pace.

        • HuatLady HopeAlways: A well explained sharing of what the Moomoo Course entails.

        • 102089245 HopeAlways: Nice sharing of moomoo courses. I'm learning more and more each time. 🙏

        • VCSuccess HopeAlways: I find the courses really easy to understand and helpful. Every week, I can look forward to learning more about investing.

        • Moomoo LearnOP : CheersHow to get rewards: Leave your comment, let us know what other investment skills and knowledge you would like to acquire.TongueTongueTongue

        • GratefulPanda : Thanks to both HopeAlways for the very insightful sharing and thanks moomoo courses for always trying to help us help ourselves! RespectRespect
          On what I would like to learn, it would be great to learn more about hedging strategies that we could employ. Options is new to me and I just finished the moomoo options course and found using an option to hedge a position could be useful. What was really useful specifically was not just the clear and simple way to explaining the concept, but also giving the example of the difference between using a stop loss versus an option. That was really helpful. So it could be great if there could be similar courses on hedging methods and strategies. ByeHey

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