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wrote a post11/16/2021 17:58

Why do copper prices still go down despite the increase in demand?

$OROCO RESOURCE CORP(ORRCF.US)$$Tennessee Valley Authority(TVC.US)$ So recently copper prices went down despite the concerns about the shortage of the metal. Despite the great demand for it, prices are still volatile and the whole situation is pretty messy tbh. It’s somewhat confusing to me because I thought that if the demand is high and producers are struggling to comply, then the prices should go up.

I’m also thinking if my worries are warranted, especially since I have some copper stocks in my portfolio and I made investments recently too, placing some money in juniors. I know they’re a pretty risky investment, but I always remind myself to invest money I am willing t

One of them is Oroco Resources (ORRCF) which recently uncovered extensive copper deposits. The drilling activities that commenced in their Santo Tomas Project confirmed the presence of polymetallic copper mineralization. They hold 100% interest in two contiguous mineral concessions in Guerrero, Mexico which are included in their project in Xochipala.

I also placed some on Three Valley Copper (TVC) since they’re pretty much on a roll recently. They will start mining next month or in early 2022 and are expected to have an annual production between 13,000 and 16,000 tonnes of copper cathode by 2023. The company recently announced an upsize with a recent deal financing to $16 million due to investor demand. Also just last month they released their second quarter results where they were able to mine 178,105 tonnes of ore at a grade of 0.50%.

Right now I’m going to hold back from investing despite the price dip because I’m pretty anxious because of the whole situation.
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