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$Futu Holdings Ltd (FUTU.US)$ be greedy when people fearful,...

$Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$ be greedy when people fearful, be fearful when people greedy.
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  • 102840379 : I've read your words when I was in the New Orient and Highways. I won't talk about the rest. You should know how they are doing now! The Chinese government defines driving without a license, which is against the law! (Within China) There is an unannounced interview with the reporter to open an account. Please search and read the details carefully! It refers to the domestic aspect. I don't think Singapore will be affected! But the current stock price is really too difficult! Investing is risky! Be careful with your grocery shopping expenses!

  • viva RonaldoOP 102840379: New Oriental is a market wholly owned by China. Futu has the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Although Hong Kong belongs to China, one country, two governments cannot be mixed at all. Comparatively, if Futu were like New Oriental, it wouldn't be 50+ yuan today; it would be 20 yuan

  • imperial age viva RonaldoOP: Mainland users contribute about 80% of Futu's revenue. If mainland users are not allowed to buy US stocks in the future, then they may have to reevaluate this stock. A 50% discount on the current price of 60 is not excessive

  • 102840379 : The question now is why should mainland Chinese people buy US stocks again? The government just wants to control it. You all know at least 4 years ago, that is, Trump's US stocks rose 4 years ago, and until now the US has printed so much money, all in the stock market. Why did Baba Ma Yun come out! This is China; it depends on policy. The US looks at the chart.

  • New York City imperial age: According to reports. In Q2 of this year, business outside of mainland China (including Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, etc.) already accounted for more than 80%

  • Thelord 102840379: A lot of retail idiots bought the dip while big institutions are dumping. Tonight sure continue the drop

  • imperial age New York City: Where did you read this statement, give me a source?

  • New York City imperial age: I read it from posting from other forumer. You can take a look

  • imperial age New York City: Please, that's the “net increase in the number of customers” of 80%, which refers to the growth portion. How can you say that overseas business accounts for 80%

  • New York City imperial age: Haha, misread. Recently, I've been looking at stock market information while working and doing video. When I see it, I sometimes just say a few words. Seems like there were 200,000 international investment clients in Q2, with a total of 1 million investment clients, or 20+%. The investment ratio of international clients is much higher than that of mainland Chinese customers. I remember the recent time when the mainland government criticized online bookmakers for driving without a license without a license, they mentioned a company registered in China, 80% of mainland customers; of companies registered in Hong Kong, 55% of mainland customers. Obviously, a company registered in Hong Kong refers to Fortune. In other words, in Q3, the likely share of international customers has increased to 45%.

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