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        Bagholders of $CRSR - How are you feeling?

        $Corsair Gaming(CRSR.US)$ Alright I know we have lots of bagholders out there on this stock. I've been buying shares of the company since February and currently have my cost basis at $33.74. I am still bullish on the stock because it is a solid company with a long runway for growth ahead despite the short-term headwinds of supply chain/inflation issues. I don't plan on selling, but this stock is definitely getting discouraging with the seemingly never-ending downtrend. What are your guys thoughts on the company?
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        • Rivkal : I'm at an average of $29.80. I've accepted it isn't going to take off any time soon, mostly due to EagleTree's holding and regular sell offs. But on the flip side that means the price will be depressed for months to come, giving me more time to build my position, and get that average down further.
          I'm confident it will be a good long term hold, but the question is would my money be better off in stocks that could go up sooner.

        • Feleshia : IMO give it time, good fundamentals, good products, expanding into different areas.

          I think crsr at some point in the next few years will take off.

        • kradic34 : The company still needs a long time to develop, but the future will be better and better

        • Anonymoo : $Corsair Gaming(CRSR.US)$ Seem to have a potential of growth because of their sales. Corsair also adapted to the latest hardware and has of the cheapest and high quality products in gaming market right now. I suspect there soon will be a partnership of $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ and corsair in the near future. Thus I think Corsair is a high quality stock, because even thought the company was founded in 1994 its stock is just recently listed on September.

        • levih60 : check out TLRY it holding $10.00 or above keeps pushing closed $11.05 than breaks down losing losing its upside momentum but market openeds when it opens up like 9a.m or so it spkes up 0.30 cents good play through if your looking to buy shares in big numbers and sale later

        • 101611388 : I am waiting for a squeeze. It is a meme stock and should behave as such.