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Big moves. Community trade is back on (at least I'm in)

I am not recommending buying here but tiny time frames could be showing bugger moves coming into the posture so do your DD on $Exela Technologies(XELA.US)$

SATIRE: When We made this our first community trade this stock was expected to do big things. after the market makers found out about our HUGE community trade plans they set plans back a week so it wouldn't spike until now, so we couldn't "milk" the markets here on Moomoo

P.S. @Team moomoo I would like to add an addition to my #emoji_want_list here. Asking with the rockets I desired previously please add udders to emojis. It is Moomoo
Big moves. Community trade is back on (at least I'm in)
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  • Team moomoo : Hi, thanks for your supportundefined
    I'll fowarded your suggestions to related colleagues and they'll carefully review it. More intersting emojis are on the way!undefined

  • Vickie L : Hi there. I'm Vickie, product manager for moo community. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We're glad to see that you've explored many features of moomoo. Actually, we also felt mooers' love for emojis, so we added a batch of new emojis in middle July, including "Fly to the Moon", "Diamond Hand" and so on.
    And we will continue to add more emojis that you like in the future. Your idea of "milk" is great and we will consider it carefully in the next batch. Thank you for your suggestions!undefined

  • treydonguiOP Vickie L: i was being silly actually. I have my own rockets hehe. you guys are excellent at what you do. i seen the additions. excellent work my friend

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