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commented on a stock08/25/2021 09:01

$Sembcorp Marine(S51.SG)$ 0.08 coming, wait for it

$Sembcorp Marine(S51.SG)$ 0.08 coming, wait for it
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  • Stock Watch : Sell your shares now then buy up the rights

  • Mathan3030 : you can't buy if you sold it..

  • Stock Watch Mathan3030: XR meaning you have the rights allocated.  So you sell now at 0.093 your shares,  Your make 0.013 .
    Eg. sell 50 lots of SMM now at 0.093. Your lost cos you bought let said 0.2. But u earn 0.013 x 50 lots . Cos the rights is 0.08. .
    And with this method,  you don't needs to fork out another big amount for the rights.

  • Mathan3030 : no but I checked with customer support this morning and this is their reply "If you still hold the stock till 26th, you will be entitled to it."

  • Stock Watch Mathan3030: 26 Aug is the " pay out" dates like dividend.. Maybe Moomoo different.  For all CDP acc, we can sell today.

  • Stock Watch Mathan3030: Then you hold till 2moro to see how it goes. Just in case moomoo different from CDP.

  • Nicholas Chen Stock Watch: I don't think so, the XR should be after today, night time to confirm the right. so today but consider enjoy the right share