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        • Mcsnacks H Tupack : Thousands were asleep at the wheel, occupied with busywork, and an endless trail of minor crises. Each little step was worse than the one before, inexorably, but only a little worse. Like a field of corn that we never see growing — but one day it is over our head.

          There is no time when everyone realizes together and lifts in mass protest. Instead, little moments tip the balance, one person at a time. And once awake, good people don’t want to be troublemakers. They are afraid to stand out.

          Its all so human while it becomes something so horribly inhumane.

          The form of the nation stays the same but the spirit changes to become something people would never have accepted even five years earlier. Like perhaps the idea that people who committed, at most, a minor misdemeanor, a trespass, could be kept without charges in solitary confinement for months on end.

          We are a gregarious species. It is hardwired. Our great strength is also our greatest vulnerability…
          So many wait for someone else to speak up.
          Written in 1945 Germany

        • AllSeeingGuy Mcsnacks H Tupack: Strange times, indeed. Thnx, bro.

        • Mcsnacks H Tupack AllSeeingGuy: I wrote a Small piece on what to do when the market does crash and they institute their digital currency.

        • AllSeeingGuy Mcsnacks H Tupack: I would like to read it...

        • Mcsnacks H Tupack AllSeeingGuy: Pretty much have your money turned into physical Gold then when the market has completely crashed before they institute their digital Money use The gold to by up cheap realty or land. Because they will Devalue the gold into the new digital system. But the land and realty will be worth the most everywhere. So you can sell it and become part of the ruling class or keep it and hope they leave you alone. 😂

        • Mcsnacks H Tupack AllSeeingGuy: Not sure what’s going to happen when harris and Hillary take over the presidency. Either chaos or the Republicans have been on their side the whole time

        • Captain FlintOP Mcsnacks H Tupack: Both. it's completely political theater at this point. maybe desantis and the lady from south Dakota or wherever, pretty sure she's got the biggest stones in the party. I had hope for senator Paul going at fauci but I think thats just part of the show 🤣🤣🤣

        • Mcsnacks H Tupack Captain FlintOP: Clown theatre. Need something unexpected to happen. Like Hilary killed by  dogs or plane crash 😂

        • Captain FlintOP Mcsnacks H Tupack: that would be amazing 😂 I wonder if dogs could be trained to sniff out the lizard people 🤣🤣🤣

        • Mcsnacks H Tupack Captain FlintOP: I know cats can. 😂

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