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        Share stocks that break all-time highs
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        My pick will be AMD

        I suggested this stock a long time ago due to its rivalry with Intel. Where it won the microprocessor market against Intel. The company then started competing in the graphics processing market. Where it's now giving a competition to nvidia.
        One main reason I suppose the company will win the graphics processing market too because of its compatibility issue with its own processor. Since, most people are switching to ryzen processors, they are most likely to use the amd graphics cards, if their processing are equal to nvidia cards. Since, it will be more compatible to its own brand. Also it will give maximum performance and good computing speed. The recent research found out that amd graphics cards are better suited for mining crypto currencies than the nvidia cards, because of overheating and performance issues.
        This gives a conclusion that with a strong lady as their ceo, amd stock will no longer be staying in shadows and might over perform in upcoming quarters. To my estimations $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ stock can reach to the value of 160 and will keep on crossing its all time high values.
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